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New technology as a trend for marketing

New technology
New technology

In 2022, new trends will enter the world of marketing. In all areas, the marketing industry is extremely vulnerable to constant change and development. A lack of new technology in marketing can leave business owners behind, preventing them from gaining a competitive advantage, generating more leads, and attracting new customers.

Introduction of New Technology: Wearables

Let’s start our list of innovative smart tech trends with wearables. Wearable integrations offer new ways to reach the public and connect with users. Smart watches and other tools enable highly targeted advertising; for example, someone searching for a clothing store will be notified when they pass by.

New wearable technologies in marketing enable marketers to reach potential customers at the right time and place, increasing conversion rates. Just as mobile optimization has become a major ranking factor, wearable technology can also play a role in SEO. In the future, website owners may need to optimize their platforms to rank higher on smartwatches and other wearable devices.

New Technology: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Content

Virtual reality events have been in the new technology market for quite some time. Combining augmented and virtual reality in advertising campaigns fits well with the desire of users to prioritize the shopping experience over the price of the product. Also, new marketing technology can be used to attract a younger audience.

Big Data Platforms for In-depth Monitoring and Analysis

The influence of data on new marketing technology trends is gradually increasing. With a campaign performance monitoring platform; managers can track the effectiveness of published content by capturing metrics like customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and more. In the coming years, as machine learning and artificial intelligence tools become more widely available, platforms will be created to perform the following tasks:

  • Make accurate pricing decisions. Thanks to new technology, entrepreneurs will be able to ensure that their pricing strategies have high growth potential and give their product lines an edge over the competition.
  • Greater responsiveness to the customer. The ability to anticipate shifts in customer values and priorities enables businesses to be more responsive and adaptive when it comes to content creation, team collaboration, or choosing the right marketing channels.
  • Increase customer loyalty. Collecting more customer data and processing it through smart platforms will help brands serve customers more effectively by offering relevant special offers.

Programmatic Ads with New Technology

For now, marketers still play a big role in setting up ads. Default settings are rarely the best, and managers must make extensive adjustments to campaign settings to make campaigns work.

Spending on programmatic advertising in the US alone is expected to reach a new high in the next few years. The UK is leading this change with the majority of programmatic advertising and marketing.


Customer service availability is one of the most important features of a business, according to customers. This kind of customer-friendliness is nearly impossible to achieve without implementing chatbots, another high-tech marketing trend on our list.

Chatbots are expected to become more human-like in the next five years thanks to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The development of voice assistant bots like those provided by Google or Microsoft, etc. is one of the most promising martech developments that experts can use to collect more customer inquiries and increase conversion rates.

Marketing Tools Based on New Technology : Blockchain

Ad fraud is a big problem for marketers. To make sure you can transparently track your campaign KPIs and not blow your budget, consider creating a blockchain anti-fraud platform.

Blockchain also allows merchants to provide users with reliable data about their claims. For example, blockchain-based platforms can maintain records that prove the authenticity or provenance of a product.

Voice Technology

Smart speakers are no longer a rarity in homes today. According to research, the number of voice assistants increased enormously in 2017 and 2018. Unique voice notification signs will be an important way for technology companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors; There is a growing emphasis on the user experience of voice content.

It is increasingly important that a person feels comfortable talking to a brand’s voice assistant.

Marketers need to take into account the growing importance of music and create branded playlists to more effectively communicate with users.

Mobile Solutions

Millennials and Generation Z are known as the first mobile generation. These shoppers often purchase or request services on the go, and this trend will continue.

How should marketers benefit from this phenomenon?

  • Prioritize mobile design. Companies should increase their investment in marketing on mobile social networking apps and adapt their business to these platforms.
  • Create mobile friendly sites.
  • Use user-generated content. This type of content will improve a marketing campaigns’ ROI.
  • Location-based positioning. Similar to wearable technology, smartphone GPS and Bluetooth tracking can help business owners find and connect with potential customers near their store or office.

Data Management and Customer Data Platforms

Customer data platforms are another promising digital marketing tech trend of the decade. These new technology tools are expected to become huge in the next three to five years.

As data protection regulations limit the freedom of marketers to collect data, data management and organizational platforms are essential to effectively manage the information that already exists.

Another feature these platforms will introduce is lookalike modeling: marketers can use existing customer data to build additional customer profiles and discover new audiences.

Omnichannel Communication Experience

With the emergence of new marketing channels and more ways to reach customers, companies will need to implement omni -channel content to make the most of the potential of each tool.

  • Online and offline integration. The use of IoT-enabled mobile apps to help customers find the right products in stores or notify them of special offers is already common practice.
  • Long-term customer journey. Marketing managers will have to do more to connect with potential customers, including targeting them through different communication channels using different media: video, mail, and audio content.
  • Brands are becoming more user-friendly and customer-oriented. The development of technology has made it possible for companies to communicate with customers in different ways.

New Technology in Push Notifications

Brands are increasingly using push notifications to engage customers. This also seems positive as most mobile device users have the ability to receive such messages on their smartphones.

On the other hand, it should be understood that each user must control the number of such messages. They should not be displayed every five minutes, unless the particularities of the application itself require it. Otherwise, you risk a massive uninstall.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The main advantage of IoT is that this concept enables more efficient contact with the target audience.

  • Simplified exchange of sales data. One of the most important business metrics is sales data. Smart devices collect this data in real time and send it to business owners. This technology makes it possible to develop an effective marketing strategy and improve many company indicators.
  • Instant consumer analysis. Using a combination of IoT and CRM, companies will be able to collect and organize customer data;
  • Improve the quality of service of the teams. Using IoT, devices will self-assess their lifespan and order parts or replacements in advance, saving consumers and manufacturers time by tracking technical features and speeding up service;
  • Improve ad performance. With IoT solutions , businesses will be able to create more relevant ads that can significantly increase the number of leads. The analysis of user habits, preferences and tastes helps to create products and advertising campaigns that attract the largest possible number of new customers;
  • SMM optimization. Currently, marketers of absolutely all major companies note that spending at least a few days on SMM will significantly increase the company’s Internet traffic.

New Technology : Conclusion

New trends in marketing technology are affecting the way managers strategize, execute, and monitor campaigns. Companies should learn to take advantage of new platforms and benefits that help them better define their target audience; find ways to connect with potential customers, and allocate advertising budgets more efficiently.


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